BWI vs. BC ~~ Romance?

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BWI vs. BC ~~ Romance?

Which resort should I go for? My girlfriend and I will be visiting WDW for a week in July, and I really can't decide. I was pretty much set on Boardwalk for romance and everything, and then I bought the Unofficial Guide yesterday, and it gave it TERRIBLE reviews! sad And it gave Beach Club much much better reviews! So now I'm really confused. Should I go for what I think is more romantic and quiet and cozy? Or trust the book?

PS: Those are kinda my criteria for a resort: Romantic, quiet, and cozy.


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I would actually vote for the Boardwalk. I feel like:

a.) It's Quieter than BC.
b.) The Garden Views are really nice.
c.) I think they're both about equally cozy.

I don't think you'd be upset if you changed the Beach Club, but I think you'll be pleased with BWI. Go with your first instinct, I say!

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I think I'm with Brad - I did not find the BC terribly romantic or quiet. Or cozy, to be honest. It was a great resort, no doubt, so don't get me wrong. But it more like, well, a beach club!

I also think you would not go very wrong with either. ANd you will find not-so-good reviews on all the resorts at one point or another.

I'd suggest poking around over at under Accommodations and checking out some of their recent reviews.

Also, here are the resort info pages for each from

Boardwalk Inn

Beach Club

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I would go with Boardwalk also, we have stayed at both, and I prefer Boardwalk. awesome