Character Autograph Tips

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Character Autograph Tips

Do you collect Character Autographs? If so, what have you found to be the best way to go about it?
Do you use a book, a pillow case, a picture mat? What sort of pen works best? Share your tips here!

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My tshirts were signed in black sharpie. mickey muchlove

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For us, the autograph books have worked the best! We get the ones with the most pages and then the large autograph pens and we've never had an issue. They also fit really well in the front pocket of our sling backpacks, so it's convenient to access.


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I don't do character autographs (but I will wait in line and knock over a 3 year old to get my picture taken with a Princess!! laugh ), however, my sister collects the autographs for her scrapbooks. She uses an individual 4x6 index card (blank, without the lines) for each autograph. It seemed to work out well for her purposes, as she was going to cut out the autograph and paste it in with her pictures later.

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I saw an idea once of printing off character pictures, arranging them by category (princesses, villains, etc.), and putting them in a 3-ring binder so that you can have the character sign on their picture. I thought that was a really cute idea! You'd probably want to have some plain generic ones for characters you run into that you hadn't thought of though, as well.

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If using an autograph book, open it to the page you want signed, some of those characters can't see real well. Also, NEVER bring a small pen for a big character to use. WDW sells "official" big pens that are easy for ALL of the characters to use.

Lines move along much quicker if Mickey isn't flipping through small pages of an autograph book, trying to hold onto a pen that is far too small for him to use.



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When its just "us" we don't do autographs, but we will do a few pictures with our favorite characters. When we go with my niece and nephew, they love the autograph books!