Quenching the Disney thirst!

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Quenching the Disney thirst!

Right! So lately I am having uncontrollable Disney urges, it's all I'm thinking about on a daily basis biggrin I haven't been to the world in 18 months and have no future trips planned! (except a potential one day visit during a trek round the USA) Just wondering what the rest of you guys do to deal with this.. should I be spending all my time on here or avoiding it completely haha
Also what's the longest waits you've had
E x

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I find it quite fun to plan a trip that I can't afford. Then, at some point later, plan a trip at a Value and it feels like a bargain! I have to trick my mind into things sometimes. biggrin



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I'm in a constant state of planning...this is how I get by...lol. We're dealing with a 3-year gap between our last trip and our next one but we're in the processing of buying DVC so this is helping immensely. Coming on here to chat with all of you is a great help as well.


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