Christmas Goodies .

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Christmas Goodies .

Ok folks , hope everyone had a great holiday .
Soooo did anyone get any Disney related gifts this year ?

kicking this off ,
Mrs Ferret and I got a hand painted picture from a friend ( picture added) and Mrs Ferret got a Ariel/Ursula Harveys seat belt bag.

over to y'all


Howdy Y'all
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We actually postponed our gift giving until later in January. Too many people were working through the holidays and I wanted to be able for everyone to be together, so there's still hope for Santa Mickey to leave something under my tree.

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Sorry we had Disney birthday presents instead of Christmas this year. Our new bed was our present.
Love that picture!

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Most of my Christmas was Disney, actually. It's the only thing that I collect and I didn't really have much else on my list for Santa! Topping the list were 12 new pins (Alice in Wonderland/ Maleficent), 2 Frozen Jim Shore sculptures (Olaf and Anna/Elsa), 3 Disney Funko Pops (Baymax, Alice, & Ariel), framed Disney dollars, several Disney art/Disney history books, a sweet set of Lilo & Stitch socks, and gift cards for our DL trip in March.

Not really a "Christmas" present per se, but Mom & Dad gave me some vintage Mickey collectible type stuff--most of which hung on the walls in my room when I was born. And Dad found 43 of the 100 McDonald's Happy Meal figures from the 100 Years of Magic Celebration at a flea market and he built me a shelf to display them.

Oh! and in one of the white elephant exchanges that we did, I won a beta fish, which isn't really a Disney gift, but it kind of is because I named him Oswald.


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I got the Pandora bracelet and charms that I posted on another thread. And in my family's white elephant I managed to snag one each of the Tomorrowland and Fantasyland plates from the Co-op as well as some glasses with old rides featured on them. Pictures to come.. My aunt said she bought them over her December trip with me specifically in mind so she was happy I got them awesome


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I feel so lucky. I got a new Minnie mouse onesie, muppets most wanted and maleficent on dvd. A tinker bell diary, a book I've wanted for years - poster art of the Disney parks, and the best Disney gift ever...... A hand painted portrait of stitch, It's amazing, I can't stop admiring it.

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We didn't receive anything Disney-specific. We did get lots of stuff for our trip! PJs, and lots of little necessities!

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I got a couple Disney princess glasses, an Ariel little wallet/id holder, a Mickey and Minnie mug (1 for me, 1 for hubby), and a Disney gift card from my Brother-in-law that lives in Orlando...he said it is a bribe to get us to come back down and visit. As if we needed bribing. rolling