crazycatperson trip report

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LOVED reading your TR! It got me all the more excited for F&WF this year....crossing my fingers they still have the Hawaiian Tuna Poke because it sounds amazing! And Jungle Cruise after dark? I've never thought of that but what a good idea! Thanks for sharing!

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Allie, I think probably no tuna poke this year - unfortunately because I would love to have it again when I go back this fall. Hope I'm wrong! But on the bright side, the Japan booth always has some good sushi.

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I enjoyed reading your report. I love the shows at IoA. My niece works at Terminators and Si bad. I enjoyed HP but found it much too crowded for comfort. I have my first ever solo trip coming up in Sept. I feel much better after reading your TR. Now I know I can go by myself and have fun. Thank you SO much! degOdeg