Did You Buy Disney Christmas Gifts?

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Did You Buy Disney Christmas Gifts?

Just wondering what Disney Christmas gifts everyone bought! I've been loving the gift guides that they've posted in the articles here, and I've found some other good stuff over on Amazon and Disney Store.

Is anyone in your family getting fun Disney gifts from you this year (and are you anticipating anything fun coming your way)?

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Of course! Mostly for the kiddoes. DD is expecting a Rapunzel wig, and we got the kids the matching PJs from the Disney Store. Can't wait for pics! By the way...free shipping sitewide today if you need to finish up your shopping!


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Well Jason got Beauty and the Beast figurines and Epic Mickey for Chanukah and I got a Christmas Mickey stuffed animal and the a Disney Christmas DVD...so yeah Smile Who knows, if he is good he may get something else Disney for Christmas!

We usually get something Disney for each other at the holidays. It helps having reminders to keep the magic alive even when we can't go!

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I got holiday mickey antennae toppers. Sent my nephew the toy story 2 figurine set. Nephew also got a woody kooky pen and one niece got a snow white kooky pen. Hubby got a tigger stuffed animal for his shoulder surgery this week, otherwise would have been part of his xmas present. Still have 2 nephews to buy for, Cars could easily be part of one of their gifts, he's obsessed, lol. mickey


Wishin' I was at WDW!

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I can't remember if we got anything Disney or not. I'm not in charge of the shopping obviously.