Dinner Shows

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Dinner Shows

Have you been to any of the non-Disney Dinner shows? I went to Medieval Times, but that was about 20 years ago. As I understand it there's now a Pirate show, and an Arabian Nights Show, even and Al Capone Speakeasy type place. If you've been, which one did you see and what did you think of it?

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I have been to sleuths a few times but not for at least 10 years. I remember really enjoying the show and thinking the food was just okay.


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We did Medieval Times in Dallas 20 years ago. The food was mediocre and the show was not something I'd ever need to see again. It would probably be more appealing to families with kids. Since then we've had plenty of opportunity to do Medieval Times or similar dinner shows in Myrtle Beach and Orlando but always passed. IMO if you've done one of those shows, there's no need to do the others.

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I saw Arabian Nights when we went as a family when I was nine. I loved it, but the food was awful and both my parents got utterly smashed on the unlimited wine and beer.

I hear they've moved away from the Arabian theme and now do an American Cowboy slant to the show, which I guess is understandable?

I'm interested to hear about how the shows are now for my trip - I'd love to see them again if they are any good, but me and my partner are not big drinkers, so lots of cheap drink isn't going to sway it for us!