Disney Christmas Decorations Around Your Town

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Disney Christmas Decorations Around Your Town

The library in the next town over from me has a gingerbread house festival every year. Here are few Disney inspired ones.

Mickey & Minnie

Monsters' University

The Seven Dwarfs Cottage

Alice in Wonderland

And of course Frozen


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Aww joann They look so good. I am hopefully doing mine this week....

I did see a 'parade' in our town centre today... Well they called it a parade, it was sort of 5 or 6 themes walking through Santa, elves on stilts, snowballs, local kids dance troops, Mr toad and Scrooge - the last 2 were really creepy.... Most bizarre thing I think I've ever seen! eek

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It's a very Frozen Christmas!

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Oohh, danger, danger! I just found out last night that this is only 25 minutes north of us!! Working on convincing Joe we must go see sometime in the next week or so. Scroll to the bottom of the article for the picture gallery.