Disney Gifts?

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Disney Gifts?

Hi, All and belated Happy Holidays!!!

I gave DH a Santa hat with mouse ears and I got us matching argyle sweaters with mickey heads in them. I plan on a photo card next year!!!! mickey

DH did much better for me. He gave me a custom lunch bag, purple with a black mickey head and my name in Disney font.....AND membership to D23!!!!! yay
What are your favorite Disney gifts that you gave or received this year?????

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The best gift (I think) that I gave to my DW this year was a surprise tour during our visit to WDW the last 2 weeks of Jan. I surprised her with the 7 or 8 hr. behind the magic tour. She was very delighted and we are both looking forward to it very much.


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That stuff sounds wonderful! Vette, I can't wait to see your "on stage" photos!

Dopey -- what a great bunch of gifts! Wanna see photos of those sweaters!

We each got some waterproof WDW card cases...does that count?

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OOooooooooo, a tour is a great gift idea! I will steal that idea for next year! (Well, think of it more as paying tribute biggrin ).

Yes, card cases definitely count! If you will use it at WDW or it makes you think of WDW, it counts in my book!

Anyone else give or receive Disney gifts this year? It isn't Christmas without something related to WDW....... mickey

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We always consider our trips gifts to each other, but we never managed to make it this year. We got some great Mickey ornaments though!

D23 is a great gift idea, because it's something that we probably wouldn't normally get ourselves, but is something we'd like. Perfect gift material.

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Mickey ornaments here, too!

I love the D23 gift idea, and I just heard that they're discounting the price on a charter membership through the end of the year. Hmm...




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