Disney Honeymoon at christmas time.

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Disney Honeymoon at christmas time.

Hey guys:)

As I am going on my disney honeymoon from the 20th December-30th December, I am just wondering what tips you can all give on visiting on the busiest week of the year, together with it being our honeymoon.

Ive been in early Dec so have seen mickey's very merry christmas party etc (and this will have finished when we get there).

So far we have meals booked and we're going to MK on the first day and have bookings for the crystal palace breakfast to get in early. We're doing the candlelight processional dinner package on christmas day.

I would love any advice with it being christmas week and any tips for honeymooners.

Even would like ideas on anything i could give my husband eeek on christmas morning??

thanks in advance! xxx


11 times to Disney World! 12th time this year.. Christmas 2011 for my honeymoon!!!!! Laughing out loud

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How much fun is that!? Christmas AND the honeymoon! I can't think of anything more magical for you!!

I've never been there during that time (just early December, like you), so I'm just guessing and will defer to the experts who have actually been there during the busiest of times....but our general strategy no matter when we go is to be at the park at least 20 minutes before rope drop. Then we hit the key rides we want to do and are done with that by 11:00, and then wander around at a slightly slower pace and do whatever the mood calls for. If a particular attraction has a wait of more than 20 minutes, we move on. I suspect very little has that short a wait at Christmas time, so you may need to adjust that theory a bit.

As for ideas for the hubby, if the budget allows it it could be fun to order him something from the Disney Floral and Gifts place and have it delivered to the room:


Conversely, you could make your own stocking to give to him on Christmas morning - find a Mickey or Disney stocking at a big-box store, and fill it with things that will be special - or slyly pick up things from around the park those first few days to stick in it - Mickey Rice Krispy treats, a holiday pin, etc. It could be just as fun as ordering something.

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I agree with Jeff I don't think that there could be anything more magical than Christmas and your Honeymoon!

I'll also echo the getting to the parks early strategy! Are you guys planning to have tickets every day of your trip? If so you could plot to make it to each park a few days and doing all of the "busy" rides in the morning, then relax and browse the parks the rest of the day.

Also checking out all of the resorts at Christmastime is a lot of fun! The decorations are amazing!

As for gifts what does your husband-to-be like? If he is a sports fanatic you could pick up something from the ESPN store on the boardwalk. Or a certain Disney character? You could also get a Christmas ornament commemorating your wedding/honeymoon/first Christmas together Smile