Disney reaches everybody...

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Disney reaches everybody...

There IS purpose to this posting, if nothing else than to make ME feel good.-MT

I work in television, albeit small market. We do the same things the big boys do, but our cameras cost less, we don't cover quite as many households, and when we hire a reporter, they DON'T have ten years experience. They are likely to be coming out of college looking for their big break.

Having said that, we do the things that media of every size in every market does. News, weather, local interviews, local sports. We're lucky that we get to branch out and do some Division One football and basketball that is satellite fed around the state, but overall we do local, local, local.

In our town, there is a program called 'Challenge House', which is a center in what is not the best part of the city. Our former mayor, who is a life long friend, started this program and they bring in disadvantaged kids for training to prepare them for their future, to try and teach them life skills, what to do to get jobs, and generally just how to be all around good citizens.

They have 20 students in this two week program, and to be honest there is a financial reason for them to join. AT&T sponsors it, and each kid who completes the course gets $250 cash.

Anyway, the former mayor showed up at our office last week to ask me if we would allow one of the kids to "shadow" us for the program this week. Each student has to spend 20 hours at a business that does something they are interested in.

The young girl that he wanted to send our way had put down meteorology as her first interest. Since we do weather, (AND we're the only TV station here), we were the obvious.

We were glad to say yes, but to be honest, having dealt with many different kids over the years, and many "shadows", you learn to not expect much.

My experience with this young lady, who will be a sophmore in high school this year is two fold, and both parts of it have been enlightening.

The first part is how pleased we were with her performance here. She is the type of young person you'd want everytime you open the door for something like this. You hate to think that it is a "surprise" when one actually turns out like this, but we're tickled to have her here. (Thats the first, boring, and somewhat 'surprising' part.)

The second part is the part that got me though. I was sitting at my keyboard typing on something when she came in. We were the only ones in this area, and she made a comment about my watch. I wear a pretty nice Mickey Mouse watch that Bulova sold about ten years ago and she told me how much she liked it.

We started talking Disney. And we talked. And we talked.

She talked about being lucky enough to go to Disney World this year for the first time. And she knew her stuff! She asked me about the parks, about the hotels on the monorail, about the rides and attractions and told me about all the things she'd done while there, the things she DIDN'T get to do and the things she'd like to do someday.

Next thing I know I'm telling her about Disneyland and the differences between the two, and the Cruise Line and more. (I kept telling her if I bore you let me know! Us Disney people will go on and on! She never got bored.)

I told her about the DVC and we were members. She told me about how they'd gone to a time share presentation while in Orlando, but frankly couldn't afford it right now. (They didn't stay on property)

I told her about some of the people I'd talked to, about Michael Broggie talking about the trains at the parks. She told me how much she LOVED the trains at Walt Disney World. I told her about my one conversation with X Atencio, and that he'd written the Pirates theme, and done some voices at the Haunted Mansion. With every story, she'd hit me with two more questions.

I let her hold my 'Golden Mickey' from the cruise line. She told me how she would have LOVED to go to one of the monorail hotels, but didn't get the chance. She told me they were supposed to go to Animal Kingdom on the third day, but because they'd had SO much fun at the Magic Kingdom they decided to go back there.

This is long and rambling, but I write it for one purpose. This kid and I, who on the surface have so little in common, found an incredible bond in Disney. I've been going over 35 years, she's gone once for 3 days, but she's hooked.

I told her we all have to work, and hopefully you like what you do, but you also know that you work to achieve certain things. Many of us work to provide, but to also feed this thing called Disney.

I have no idea about her home life, other than to say that they've turned out an incredibly nice, smart, eager young lady. She certainly doesn't seem to be lacking for the necessities, but I'm sure they don't get to splurge on a lot. (She kept mentioning they somehow got some 'free tickets' to Walt Disney World.)

I also don't get very emotional about many things, but this whole thing has had me feeling upbeat. Even choked up. (Don't tell anyone. I have a rather cynical reputation to live down to.)

I just wanted to share this with you guys. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a Disney "nut", hanging out with OTHER "nuts".

Know what? That's ok!

I'm thinking somewhere in the future I might have enough extra DVC points that might find her name on them to provide a stay INSIDE the magic that all of US know so well.

To paraphrase the old song..."If lovin' Disney is wrong... I don't wanna be right!".


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Great story MT! I like happy ending stories!

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Bravo sir clapping

The only thing better than doing fun things (Disney) for yourself is doing fun things (Disney:) ) for others.

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MT this is a wonderful storyand keep us posted on the continuing story of this nice young lady. I wish her well. I hope you realize you are coming across as an old softy contrary to that hard shell you try to project. laugh laugh wink


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Wow, Edward. She sounds like a superstar and someone anybody would be glad to have in an internship, training program, or job. It sounds like she learned a lot from you so far (and not just about Disney).

Thanks for sharing this story. We forget sometimes to remember how lucky we are that we can experience the magic so often.




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Nice story, MT. Isn't it nice to find common ground with someone with whom you otherwise can't think of anything you have in common? It makes the world a smaller, cozier place somehow.



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Thanks for sharing that story, MT. What a nice way to start my Friday.

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Disney has always had that strength that so many people love it regardless of background. Sort of like the Cosby Show.