Disney's Wedding Pavilion Is Getting An Interior Facelift

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Disney's Wedding Pavilion Is Getting An Interior Facelift

Disney's Wedding Pavilion is getting a bit of a facelift, and I think it's lovely. It's a little more modern, with a white and blue color scheme rather than the peach and green that it has had. The update includes new pews, carpeting, removal of drapes, and the addition of some big sparkly chandeliers.

No dates have been given for this project yet.
What do you think of the concept art?

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I think I need to get married!!!

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Gorgeous love it maybe a 5 year vowel renewal? lol


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scrappy wrote:
I think I need to get married!!!

Gosh have you and Mr Hub been living "in sin" all these years??!! eek rolling

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I think it is gorgeous! I would love to renew our vows at Disney at some point. Guess I better start saving up now!!!


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Love Love so pretty!!!

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I have been pushing my husband to do a renewal. Maybe one day he will actually go for it crossfingers