Vow Renewal/Quickie Wedding

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Vow Renewal/Quickie Wedding

I know that a couple of people on here had done a vow renewal at the parks without going through the official channels. Next year is our 5 year anniversary and my friend is engaged and wants to do something at Disney. We both want to do a quick thing near the Haunted Mansion with me getting ordained and performing the ceremony for her and her fiance.

Would this be an issue? It will be just 6 or 7 of us. No wedding dresses or flowers. I feel like we are all just friends
basically having a conversation....about marriage and stuff. muchlove

EDITED: From what I am reading this all still seems like a no-no. I definitely do not want to break any rules.


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Yes sadly in the parks (or really anywhere is a big no no Sad ) the only place you could do it would be your hotel room


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While Guerrilla Weddings/Vow Renewls do happen, they are not sanctioned by Disney and you could be thrown out. It is private property after all. That being said, six friends hanging out talking about marriage has happened in a lot of places. Check out You Tube, but remember that *WDWFG* said it's a no-no.