Do you try to fit some romance into your trip?

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Do you try to fit some romance into your trip?

If you go with your significant other, do you make it a point to do a romantic dinner or something special. We usually get a nice dinner, but other than that we often wind up being short on time for doing relaxing, romantic things. How does it usually work out for you guys?

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To us, Disney is very romantic. It was our first trip together, so being there always brings back the feeling of a brand new relationship!

We usually do a nice dinner followed by a walk around the Boardwalk if we're in the Epcot area, or a walk down to the beach if we're near the Poly or GF.


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We honeymooned at WDW, way back when!! So you can't get much more romantic than that muchlove

That said, we usually find some time during a trip to "slow down" and soak in the romance and atmosphere. I think I've posted before, one of my favorite things is to ride the ferry between POR and DTD at an "off" time. It's like having a private cruise Smile)

We also try and make one really nice dinner reservation at a non "prime-time"...generally earlier, before the staff get's pushed to the max. A nice meal is always a good way to enjoy each others company. Walking the grounds at POR after dark is very romantic too....carriage rides...strolling the Boardwalk...I guess if you're in the right frame of mind, you can find romance anywhere!



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We typically try and do something romantic, but usually, just being there brings all of that to the forefront for us!

We always make it a point to have at least one dinner at Mama Melrose's - this was the most memorable place we ate the first time we went, so we always go back. The food seems to not be as great as I remembered the first time, but that's "our spot".

And one of us usually surprises the other with something special - last year, since it was my birthday, I got Mickey & Pals Big Birthday Wish from Disney Floral. I am spoiled Smile

We usually also make it a point to go for a stroll through the resort grounds later at night and soak in the atmosphere and enjoy some quiet down time together.

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We try to..but like Bali Disney itself is pretty romantic! It was our first trip together and we got engaged and went on our honeymoon there. So there are all sorts of romantic spots all over Disney for us.


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