Double Digit Midgets - Show of hands - What park first & Why??

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Double Digit Midgets - Show of hands - What park first & Why??

Today, I'm celebrating (in my own way) for being 9 days (I refer to this as "I'm a single digit midget") away from returning state side. My work takes me abroad for months at a time, so I'm super excited about returning home to my wife and kids back in Louisiana.

The past four years, I've gone to Disney shortly after my return home from abroad. This year is no different! clapping

So in honor of my single digits return home, and double digits going to WDW.


Also, state what park you plan on going to first and what ride or event you plan on going to first???

For me, it's EPCOT & Test track...

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Well it's MK on our first night..Always..If I don't see Cinderella's Castle I won't sleep that night..As far as the first attraction..It's Haunted Mansion...I always think it's one of those attractions that gets better at night rather than during the day..Oh and double digits for us..

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yeah stars yeah

!!Double Digit Midgets!!

Our first night we usually head to downtown disney and skip a park eek

DW is usually a little under the weather from the flight and we need to start
with "non - motion" activities....

So we grab a bite to eat in downtown , enjoy the feel of Disney, shop and get to bed at a decent
time so the next day we can start our Park Party!

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44 days here! We plan on doing Downtown Disney, dinner at Whispering Canyon, and then I'm surprising my sisters that I added an extra day to our park tickets so we can swing into MK (we wouldn't be hitting it until day 4 otherwise eek eek eek ) where our first FP+ reservation is Seven Dwarfs! Can't wait! yay

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yay yay yay yay

Me me me!! While we have always done Downtown Disney on our first night like MagicMirror, this trip we have a super early flight so debating on doing Magic Kingdom or Epcot. Epcot has extra magic hours the night we arrive so we're definitely getting there at some point.

Oooh or maybe since we're staying at AKL we'll hit Animal Kingdom!! The possibilities are endless when you're in Disney bighug


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We have always done AK on our first day - not really sure why I think its usually due to the long haul flight over the atlantic that does it and we have usually travelled a whole 24hrs (flight connections etc) so AK was always a quiet and laid back park to visit on the first day BUT.............

This year is different ill be getting a good nights sleep and only going on 1 plane yay so will be MK for rope drop the next day!!!!! yay yay (we may hit DD the night before but that depends how tired we are!)

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I love to do MK on the first night, because it's at the heart of it all, but I rarely get to.

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Magic Kingdom is definitely our first stop and first ride is pirates of the caribbean!



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Allie..You must let us know your opinion of Whispering Canyon..We are staying 12 nights at WL and was considering it..Have Artist Point booked for our anniversary but not to sure about the carry on stuff that they do here..

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Sometimes it is MK - Peter Pan first always. Staying for Wishes mandatory.

Other times I just need to walk around WS at Epcot after driving 8 hrs. Both are awesome! mickey

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The Watchmaker wrote:
Allie..You must let us know your opinion of Whispering Canyon..We are staying 12 nights at WL and was considering it..Have Artist Point booked for our anniversary but not to sure about the carry on stuff that they do here..

I will come back with a full review! awesome

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49 days to go for me! clapping The first park has to be and always will be MK. It is the rule that MK is first. I must see the castle and than I must ride the jungle cruise.

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56 days for us....... WOO-HOO !!! yay

So, our first night is normally a bit of a spur of the moment thing, as it depends on the journey way. We've do the whole book a table at DTD, but sometimes it's a bit of a rush and can wipe us out by the end. We now normally just relax, take our time, maybe go to DTD be pending on how we feel, but the main thing is just chill. This is just in preparation for an early(ish) start the next day. MAGIC KINGDOM !!! Always the first park we visit every trip. That first view of Main Street with the castle at the end is awesome and sets the magic rolling.

First ride is always either POTC or JC. These are the ones we look forward to, also there in the same area as our first snack spot, Aloha Isle. Pineapple Dole whip for DW and a root beer float for me. After a years wait, just got to have these first.



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I would do MK first night, but that park closes early for a special event the night we arrive this September. So it'll be Epcot this time around.

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My mom and I go every year (mother/daughter trip) we usually find ourselves going to Hollywood Studios first so I could ride Tower of Terror (my favorite).

So my answer is: Hollywood Studios / Tower of Terror. Smile stars

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I've always done Epcot first and I'd probably head for Soarin' first thing in the morning so I can beat those long lines!


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We're in that rarest and happiest of places where we have two trips in double digits at the moment! yay I'm totally living it up this year---it's going to be a long time before I can make a Disney marathon like this happen again!! DH has some nonsense idea about seeing other places. Of course I chimed right in with, "yes, I agree. I, too, am excited about seeing Disneyland and Aulani, and going on a Disney cruise, and doing an Adventures by Disney trip, and seeing Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo, and Hong Kong, and...." He was not amused, but he'll come around laugh

Anywho, back to the August we'll be hitting DHS first because we're arriving about 2 hours prior to the Villains Unleashed party!! In September, we will tentatively start at EPCOT. Ideally, I'd go to MK first and last every trip, but I live by the Touring Plans crowd calendar and the event schedules and our MK days are dictated by the days that are predicted to have the lightest crowds during our trip.


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I'll be hitting Magic Kingdom first!! On my first (and so far only) trip, I hit MK first, and since this is my sister's first trip, I figured she'd definitely want to see it before the other three! I think the first attraction we'll be doing is Haunted Mansion, before back to back FP's at BTMRR and Splash!! yay yay yay


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We always seem to go Epcot first. It's always been my favorite! biggrin


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While I really need a castle fix, we usually arrive with a partial day in front of us, so we go to DS because, at least for us, that is a partial day park. We do 3-4 rides, eat dinner, maybe Fantasmic and then on to multiple days at the other three. Until they expand that park, there just isn't that much to call us.


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In my last four November trips, I hit Epcot first. I always ride Nemo. In February, the first park I went to was DHS.


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For us, should our plans come together, we'll be arriving on Wednesday, October 8th around 3ish to MCO. Then we'll find our way to the DME and be on our way to Pop Century to check in, get our magic bands, and see our room. Once we've taken care of arranging for an ECV for my wife it'll be time to head to the Magic Kingdom. My wife has been to wdw when she was a tween, before EPCOT and the new parks and this will be my first visit. I have been dreaming of going to Disney World since I was a child and for me it won't feel real until I see the castle with my own eyes.