Downtown Disney Parking Garage

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Downtown Disney Parking Garage

On Thursday morning we hit up Downtown Disney; we drove from POFQ to the West end lot, and had no trouble. We got to park in the new garage, so I thought we would post a few pics and share some tips.

First, the garage is HUGE! Should be plenty of spaces when they finish, which will be a welcome relief.

What I thought was really cool was the use of those coolio little indicator lights over each space. We didn't realize it until we were heading out, but there are electronic signs that point you down rows and tell you how many spaces are available in that row. And then, over each spot, is a lighted device that tells you whether a space is open (a green light) or occupied (red light).

Assuming they have instructions posted when you enter, it would make it a snap to find an open space, versus driving up and down every row and stalking people.

Very cool technology!

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Thanks for posting that Jeff. Yeah we parked there several times and had no problem, the problem was just getting there.

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Great pics, looks really amazing! Can't wait to park there in September! Thanks for sharing.


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I'm really happy that they used this technology in the new garage. We have it in the daily garage at BWI and it's fantastic!


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Looks fantastic and i hear the new pedestrian bridge is open as well now!