Indy-themed restaurant and The Hanger

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Indy-themed restaurant and The Hanger

Not sure if this has been posted up, but some news about the Indiana Jones-themed restaurant on its way to DTD and The Rebel Hanger, complete with pun-rific food items, at Hollywood Studios...


Yes, that's me in the profile pic...kudos for guessing the movie...

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Yea! It sounds like fun!


August 2016 here we come!

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awesome This looks great!


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I love it! But some people are complaining the bar should've been named and themed to Marion's bar from Raiders of the Lost Ark rather than name it after Jock. There's been some jokes people are making that after a boat and airplane-themed bars, a train-themed bar is next in line! biggrin

I think it'll definitely help Trader Sam's because this bar is much bigger than Trader Sam's so it'll prevent overcrowding and spread the crowds.


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yay yay yay
I am *so* excited about this.

I have *so* many new things going on my have to do list for our next trip.

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Yet another bar I need to stop at in November. With Trader Sam's, La Cava, and Jelly Rolls on the list I may have to dub this up coming trip the drunk at Disney trip! So little time so much to drink. biggrin