Even the courts agree; this ride is dangerous!

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Even the courts agree; this ride is dangerous!


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If I got stuck and had to listen to that music endlessly, I would need a padded room! biggrin

And thanks Bill - now I have that song stuck in my head again!



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I like IASW but being stuck for a half hour with that music and having to go to the bathroom...........hello nut house. laugh

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yeah Oh My gosh I hope he is o.k. He was probably thinking omg I am stuck on a ride that plays music over and over again. I would plugged my ears up. Thats horrible that he was in a wheelchair 2. awesome nice disney.

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I like the tune, but usually one time through is enough for me.

My question is: why didn't anyone think to turn off the music???? confused

Patti mickey


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eek Oh my! eek


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That exact same thing (minus the wheelchair and health issues) happened to me and my family when I was a kid at WDW! Even at age 7 I remember my blood pressure rising after hearing IASM non stop for close to half an hour!

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Everytime we go on this ride it gets stuck. Twice for 30 min. We try to avoid if if we can........