Father from the Carousel of Progress...

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Father from the Carousel of Progress...

I just spent a week at Disney World and noticed for the first time that the animatronic father from the Carousel of Progress had been given longer hair and was playing a lute on Spaceship Earth...

Now I am wondering, is this character on other rides too?

Anyone know?



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Hmmm... I was there in August and don't remember that!

I will admit the carousel of progress needs some updating. In their "future", we've already surpassed that! laugh

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There are a limited number of animatronic characters. They are repeated throughout the parks. Some of the pirates in POC have the same faces as well.


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Haha, I needed to read this a few times to figure out that you weren't talking about Jean Shepherd being somewhere in Spaceship Earth.


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I thought you were about to tell the story about the guy who it was modelled on.... Anyone else know that story?


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I know that the grandma from Carousel of Progress can be seen in the Haunted Mansion ballroom.




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Guess I'll have to pay a little more attention the next time I am there! I've been enjoying that ride since the seventies, when I visited WDW for the first time and the Magic Kingdom was the only park to visit......does anyone remember the E-Tickets, etc? Great memories, but not enough to answer your question. wheelchair