Favorite things to do on the boat?

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Favorite things to do on the boat?

I've been on several cruises and have always had a great time. Am really looking forward to our sail in February! So for those of you that have been on cruises, what has been your favorite thing to do on the boat? Nightclubs? Pools? beach Shows? The Spa? Dance Parties? banana Casino or Bingo? Napkin Folding? Wine tasting? Dining? date Art Shows? On Deck Conga Line? Karaoke? Sitting out on your veranda? Jogging track? yuck (BWAHAHAHA!!! rolling NOT ON MY LIST!) I know I'm missing LOTS! So what is it??? Do you race around at a harried gotta do everything rate of speed yeah or do you enjoy more of a laid back, lazy type of pace?
I loved everything! yay But I really have to say the shows, Casino and spending time at dinner with our table mates were my favorite things on cruises past. So what was it for you?

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I haven't been on a cruise yet, but given the romance of the high seas my favorite thing would be ......

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Wow Hurlymcgurly that's quite the list!! I didn't do most of those on my last cruise laugh I like to take it slow, so my favourite activity is sitting on my cabin's veranda and watching the ocean. I also loved the fancy dining (Remy made me a custom vegan menu! It was amazing!!), the art gallery and looking at the art pieces throughout the ship, and the mini putt!

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I'm a much earlier riser than any of my travel companions, so the thing that I love the MOST about cruises is being able to order up a pot an coffee from room service for when I wake up. I get a little nosh and some java to enjoy on the balcony, while the others still get to sleep. That's my favorite part.

I think that in general I take it easy on a cruise. It's really the only placed that I've found that I can disconnect and not worry about checking in to work, no updating things, no phone calls, no "I only need a minute." On my first cruise I did pay for an internet connection at $1 a minute, but satellite internet is SO painfully slow, it just wasn't worth it. Now I limit it to a couple of texts every morning with the kids so that I know they're okay, and I just let everything else go.

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Given the current cruise-related news stories, I think washing my hands constantly and avoiding buffets would be really high on my list.

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On our previous cruise (non Disney) we enjoyed having breakfast delivered in the morning and enjoying a nice breakfast in bed with fresh coffee!

Also enjoyed lounging at the adult only pool...hardly any noise and peaceful.

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crazycatperson wrote:
Given the current cruise-related news stories, I think washing my hands constantly and avoiding buffets would be really high on my list.

Ha ha!! For serious! laugh

Believe it or not, my favorite thing on my cruises has been the jogging track! I know it seems crazy, but I'm not a big fan of crowds, and if you go to the jogging track in the evening during first dinner seating there's NOBODY out there. It's like you have the whole deck to yourself. I crank up my book on tape and just walk the track for a couple of miles. It's also fun to check out the scenery if you're passing another ship or going by any islands.

I know, weird. But really relaxing. Plus you work up a good appetite for dinner! awesome