Kids vs. No Kids

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Kids vs. No Kids

So Chuck and I have mainly sailed without kids in the past. Well our last cruise was with our oldest son 2 1/2 years ago, but it was his graduation present and he knew that Mommy and Daddy needed some alone time. Innocent Cruises up until now have always been a way for my hubby and I to escape and reconnect and reinvent our marriage and take us back to a time when we were wild, crazy and carefree honeymooners pillowfight that could be slightly wreck-less without having to worry about kids catching us out of our normal element. Cool
I'm sure we are going to have a fabulous time with our kids, mickey mickey but it definitely is going to be DIFFERENT! So who has cruised with and without kids?

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I haven't cruised yet, but the world without kids is fabulous!!!!!!

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I have only cruised without the kids and absolutely LOVED it!
I think that there's so much to do on board that's specifically geared to the kids that you could realistically not see them much if you didn't want to. LOL!