Fun Finds for Auto Racing Fans Central Florida

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Fun Finds for Auto Racing Fans Central Florida

Though the Daytona 500 Experience is no longer open, there are still lots of options for the race fan to have some fun in Central Florida! Have you been to any of these locations? What did you think? Have I missed any of your favorites?

Daytona 500 Museum

Living Legends of Auto Racing

Daytona International Speedway

NASCAR Sports Grill at CityWalk

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If you care to have a hands-on racing experience; here are a couple at WDW and a drag racing museum in Ocala.

1. They have this on the Petty website, but don't have it on the WDW site.

2. Exotic Driving Experience - Exotic Driving Experience is the newest offering from Petty Holdings, named for the winningest driver in NASCAR history and best known as owner and operator of Richard Petty Driving Experience. They have made Guests' NASCAR race car dreams come true with adrenaline pumping Driving and Ride-Along Experiences at tracks nationwide, including Walt Disney World(r) Speedway. Now Members can drive the Supercar of their dreams with vehicles from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Porsche. Starting in January 2012, take a Thrill Ride or get behind the wheel and drive of some of the world's most magnificent driving machines ever built.

3. - Don Garlits drag racing museum in Ocala, FL.

I have not been to any of the NASCAR sites in FL or have participated in a racing/driving experience at WDW.
My sister and I did a driving experience (12 laps - if I remember correctly) at Phoenix International Raceway. It was a blast!