Getting Others Motivated

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Getting Others Motivated

Do you ever have trouble getting your group motivated to head out the door in the morning while you're at Disney? Do late sleepers plague your dreams of rope drop? How do you motivate your group to get going when you're ready and they're not?

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Joe and I are lucky - we both are early risers, even outside of Disney. So we always hit the parks at opening. I think I would motivate them by just leaving them behind! "See you there! Maybe!".

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For someone in their 20s, I've noticed it helps if you bribe them out of bed with a cup of coffee waiting for them.


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My mother In law is not an early riser at all... She's usually not ready until noon. So we just go and she meets us wherever we are


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Yeah I agree with Joe, leave there "behind" behind!

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When traveling with my parents, siblings, hubby, etc...they are left behind.

When it's just the two of us, we just get up whenever. We usually hit the parks by 9:30 or 10:00. We are never in a hurry to try to fight people when they let down the ropes... laugh