going to try to get back posting on here and 2 new trips booked

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going to try to get back posting on here and 2 new trips booked

so, I haven't really been able to find the time to post here. Between battling pre trip blues and starting our new business life has got in the way.... but we have trips booked!!!!!

Firstly we have booked the disney cafe in Harrods (london) for November
we know it's nothing special but it looks cute and we get yo meet farther christmas and get a tree decoration for going which is fun,

Then are heading to Disneyland Paris for Christmas 2015---- not long now!!!
This is going to be our first disney parks christmas experience, we had thought of booking a quick 5 nights in florida to see the osborne lights but..... we managed to book 5 days in disneyland paris, flights, hotel and park tickets for just PS250 pp we are staying at sequoia lodge which looks really christmasy! really excited about the christmas parade and shows and riding all the paris exclusive things like ratatouille!! and of course phantom manor. plus at DLP Jack as Sandy Claws is an all day character so we are very excited to meet with him. Disneyland paris also seems a good christmas fit as its going to be cold there the week before christmas, which will be nice.

After our christmas trip we only have 9 weeks until something I've waited my whole life for.... DISNEYLAND
we are heartbroken that the train, river and fantastic will be closed as I had hope to see them all, but its a small price to pay to final see Walts park, we have 8 nights planned at the resort, plan on taking tours, eating a lot of snacks and checking out where it all began and for my 30th birthday!!!! (I'm half as old as disneyland)

After all that excitement and 2 long trips to smaller resorts we have a planned break from travel until we take on Tokyo..... we are currently looking for the very best deals we can find. My wife turns 30 in 2018 so that will be our next planned disneyworld trip with a big group of friends all turning 30 the same year..... bring it all on!!

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That sounds like a couple of awesome trips coming up! I didn't even know there was a Disney cafe in Harrods. awesome

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How fantastic ! stars Sounds like you guys are going to have a blast!

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Ahh how lovely. I've been to Disney cafe a few times, the food ain't much but it's worth it still just to be there, it reminds me so much of wdw and dlp.


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yeah robyn, the food doesn't look amazing, but the place looks grand and its the best deal to meet santa tbh.

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It all sounds amazing. CAn't wait to hear all about it! yay


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What amazing trips you have planned. Even with attractions being closed, it's worth it to see Disneyland.