The Good & Bad Of MyDisneyExperience

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The Good & Bad Of MyDisneyExperience

Now that we have all settled into using the MyDisneyExperience system for a couple of years, how are you feeling about it? Do you enjoy the way the new technologies have changed vacationing in Walt Disney World? What are the things you like most about the changes? What old ways of doing things do you wish would make a return?

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I really like it because you can change your plans easily if you need to. I really like that when someone cancels their fastpass, someone else can pick it up. I wish fastpasses still started 45 minutes to an hour after the park opens and not available right at park open. I also don't miss needing to run around the whole park to try and get fastpasses. I love that almost everything, if not everything, is on the app. Not really my Disney experience related but I wish Disney would invest in better wifi.

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I really like it except for the following:

1. I don't like how glitchy it is. I'm constantly running into issues, especially on Mobile Order. If I place a Mobile Order, I can't close out of the app otherwise my order completely disappears and I have to go to the counter and tell them to mark me as here so they can start making it. Kinda defeats the purpose...

2. I don't like the update that now makes me select whether I want to modify the time OR the attraction of my FastPass. It was so much easier to snag last minute FastPasses with the old version that let you modify either the time and/or the attraction in the same screen.

3. I love the bus time feature, but I wish that it was more accurate (at Riviera a couple of weeks ago it was a complete joke and never was running properly), and could should you bus wait times for places other then just from the resort you have a reservation at.

4. More items included in the Shop Merchandise portion. There have been multiple times where I've tried to find out where I can find a specific item on property that doesn't show up in the search function at all even though I know it's available.