Wishing Wells Are A Feel Good Reason To Love Disney

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Wishing Wells Are A Feel Good Reason To Love Disney

Every year tourists toss thousands of dollars worth of coins into the fountains and waterways of Walt Disney World. Periodically Disney cleans out the coins and donates the money to a charity. The coin collection this round came up with $20,000.

With the homeless crisis in Central Florida growing 2020's booty was donated to to the Coalition for the Homeless. In addition to the money, Disney Chef's cooked up a Thanksgiving Feast worthy of any celebratory table for 650 coalition residents and other homeless guests.

I love that Disney is doing what it can to help people in need in the location area. While we all know that lay-offs have hit the tourism industry hard and there isn't a lot that corporations to do about that while trying to remain viable businesses during the pandemic, it's good to know that they are helping out in ways that they can.