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laugh laugh Has anyone every done Grinchmas at Universal? laugh laugh

That sounds sort of fun to me. There's something called Holiday Harbor at one of the hotels that sounds nice too.

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I have not and I am quite sure the have nots will outnumber the haves.


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I am a Grinch purist. I never liked the live action movie. There is just something about the narration being done by Boris Karloff that makes it for me. And the song "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" sung by Thor Ravenstahl who was the voice of Tony the Tiger! So after that long narrative.....if I am ever near Universal at Christmas I'll say pass. mickey

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We have never been and have no plans to.

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Not on my list either. sad
Technically this will be my first Xmas at WDW. I've done DLR Xmas several times. I'm so looking forward to this trip. Santa


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My family did Ft. Wilderness over Christmas one year. Mickey left a stocking full of candy on our motor home door Christmas Eve. But the crowd at MK was so high Christmas Day that it was actually closed by the time we rode the boat over (after seeing what Santa had brought, of course). I think we just hung out around Ft. Wilderness, which was fun with 4 young kids (which are now all in their 20s!).

I am hoping for you guys to have a good Christmas experience in the World! There are 3 other parks to try if MK is too jammed.


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