Hello from St. Louis

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Hello from St. Louis

Hi everyone. I recently joined this forum and am just saying hello. I'm 37 years old and have been a fan of the Disney theme parks since I was a kid. My parents took us to Disney World nearly every summer when I was a kid in the '80s, and I've now started going as an adult with my family.

I've grown a bit frustrated by some of the limited discussions on some other forums, so I've extended my net to see if there are engaging conversations on some other groups.

I'm looking forward to the discussions!


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welcome From a small rock across the pond


Howdy Y'all
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Well hello there! muchlove

What sort of conversation are you looking to have? We've got a smart and knowledgeable bunch here! DO you have questions? Ask away! Are you interested in a specific topic? What can we chat you up about?

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Welcome from Bonnie Scotland...My last visit was July 2012 and my next visit will be 2015... Unless I win the lottery or rob a bank....LOL..

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Hello and welcome from our happy place. Glad you found us and decided to join. yay




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Welcome dheaton so glad you decided to join us. We will be happy to join you in a lively conversation about all things Disney.

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Welcome! Glad you joined us yay

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Welcome from the other side of the pond!


Yes, that's me in the profile pic...kudos for guessing the movie...

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Welcome to WDWFG! Hope we can come up with some stimulating conversations for you!

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Welcome! Smile


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Welcome!! Smile I think you'll find us a friendly bunch!


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Hi and welcome Tell us some more about your Disney favorites! (rides, resorts, restaurants, etc)

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Things get curiouser and curiouser...

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Welcome. We'd love to hear about your family and how you all enjoy Disney.


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stars welcome stars