Helpmehelpmehelpmequick!!! Countdown to Thursday!!! (Hopefully)

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Helpmehelpmehelpmequick!!! Countdown to Thursday!!! (Hopefully)

OK So as long as Sandy QUITS MESSING AROUND, I'll be on a plane out of NY Thursday to hook up with my siblings and Mom n her new hubby! So far on the agenda is the Epcot wine festival, a birthday dinner for my mom at Fultons and I really want to hit Jellyrolls! We've got three days to live it up without kids and act like, well, kids that can drink! What's your favorite park and why and where are the best shows? I've only been to Animal Kingdom once and it was long ago, but it just wasn't that stand outish to me as the other parks. Thursday night over drinks in the village, my 2 sisters and I are going to lay out the plans as my Mom, step pop and bro join us the next day. We each need to present to each other our must do plans. I'm kind of leaning towards the Studios. I know were going to spend a good day in Epcot. Give me fuel! I'm so excited!!! Me and my 3 sibs! Time to hop back 40 years!! PILLOW FIGHT!!!!! pillowfight pillowfight I can hear my mom scolding us already! yay

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Awesome! You'll get there!


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Sounds so fun! I'd recommend you stop by the polynesian resort (access by bus or monorail from Magic Kingdom)
And order a Lapu Lapu or Backscratcher from the bar...take your drinks down to Polys beach...
and watch the lighted boat
Parade go by!

Wishing you a safe and happy vacation...

Please come back and share how it went


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If it's not too late (and it probably is) get tickets for Hoop De Doo Review, it's a great show and to me it's a great time with a group.


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You could easily spend at least part of all three days eating at the Food and Wine Festival booths and not try everything you'd like to try. Do you have park hoppers? Spend the afternoons at Epcot grazing and then hop to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Or start your mornings at another park and hop to Epcot for dinner. You could spend at least two or three hours at every park, including Animal Kingdom, if you hop around.