Hit the Beach!?

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Hit the Beach!?

As I've said before, I'm not really a beach girl, and I don't often leave WDW property. I'm curious though, what do you *do* at the beach? So you surf, swim, jetski, snorkle, build sand castles, float around, or just lay out in the sun? Is beach going for your family an active or a passive activity?

What are your favorite things to do at the beach in Florida?

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My favorite beach activity is taking long walks with my feet in the surf. I also enjoy sitting on the balcony reading a book while listening to the surf and occasionally people watching. I don't sunbathe - I'm too pale. I rarely swim in pools, but I will occasionally swim in the ocean - I like to go out way over my head and paddle around. If I ever find myself at Castaway Cay, I'd like to try kayaking in the ocean - so far I've only done it on lakes or calm rivers (flatwater, not whitewater).

We never go to the beach in Florida, though. We usually do Myrtle Beach, the Outer Banks, or Mid-Atlantic beaches.

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I like to take really long walks, and read books. And maybe take a little nap.... mickey


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One year we did take part of a day and drove up to Daytona Beach. We walked along the beach and ate lunch, but we're generally not really beach people so after lunch we decided we needed to get back to Disney!

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LOVE the beach, but have never really done Florida beaches. . Some island vacations here and there, though. muchlove
We like to be lazy And soak up sun, read, swim a bit - maybe wave bounce a little - have a frosty or fruity beverage or two . .


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