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Hi everyone! I've actually been lurking around this place for a few weeks now, and decided to finally join so I can get in on the fun!! yay

My name's Sarah, and I'm from Atlanta, Ga. I'm 23 and I've only been to WDW once (well, twice, if you include my going to WWOS and DTD in March when I went to Spring Training for the Atlanta Braves in March, but there were no parks or resorts involved, so it didn't feel very much like WDW!) - which was just this past February. I've always wanted to go to WDW as a kid (what kid didn't?!), but with four kids (me being the oldest) my parents could never afford it. So in February my oldest younger sister and I (and a friend!) made the 6 hour drive to Disney for a crazy amazing weekend! I've become obsessed with The World ever since and have now been trying to figure out how I can get back as quickly as possible. biggrin Right now I have my sights on September of 2014, though I'm hoping another spur of the moment trip (as the one in Feb was!) happens between now and then. crossfingers

My favorite park is either Epcot or Magic Kingdom (we did both of those twice in the 36 hours we were there), and my favorite ride is probably Tower of Terror! yay

So just thought I'd say hello!!


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Hi Sarah and welcome to our little corner of the web, everyone here is friendly and helpful and I am sure you will fit right in.


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Hi Sarah and welcome mickey . Yes, it's hard not to get hooked on Disney and what it represents; the happiest place on earth. LOL yay

Please feel free to ask and contribute, there are lots of folks with extensive Disney experience to make your next visit even more memorable.


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welcome to our little world of all things Disney. You are in great company for those who love all things Disney. mickey

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clapping Yay! Welcome Sarah! I'm sure you'll love our happy little Disney-lovin' community! clapping


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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!! Very excited to be part of this wonderful community. mickey


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Hello Sarah and Welcome!!...so glad you have decided to join our band of Disney-ites!



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welcome welcome welcome


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Hi Sarah and welcome!
stars welcome stars

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Hello Sarah and welcome to our WDW family of enablers!

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Welcome, Sarah! welcome muchlove


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welcome Wow, MK and Epcot twice in 36 hrs, sounds a fun weekend!



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welcome to our fun little area of Disney fans. Sure you will have great insight as a WDW rookie. Looking forward to all you will have to add.

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Hi Sarah! Welcome to the best WDW forum around! You're going to love it here!


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Hi and welcome Sarah!

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welcome Sarah!!



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welcome and Hello Sarah


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Hey Sarah and Welcome!

I love your Board Name! Do you love to eat Spam, or is your moniker computer-spam-related?? Do you work in IT, maybe?

There's ALWAYS room for a spontaneous trip to Disney...especially if you live in Georgia!! You should check out the specials for Georgia residents on the Disney site!! You can make this happen!!

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Hi and welcome Smile xxxx


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welcome Sarah, yes I want to know why spam too!