WDW Vet but forum newbie :)

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WDW Vet but forum newbie :)

Hi Everyone

I'm Maryann, single, 39 (ugh 40 is looming) and live in Texas. Technically divorced, but that was 10 years ago so I think the statue of limitations ran out and I can revert to just single. Smile Just buying my AP today and planning quarterly trips this next year....this was the norm a few years back but life took a detour and I'm excited to get back to being able to visit often. I have a solo trip planned for April 21-25 at Pop so am excited to get back "home". Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!


PS Definitely interested in meeting up if anyone is around next week for attractions, meals, etc. silly

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welcome happybratpak!!! Wow your trip will be here shortly! You must be very excited!!



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welcome Maryann: I'm sure you'll love this forum, we're a very friendly bunch!! And that's so cool that you get to go four times a year: your next trip is really soon, too, and i'm sure you'll have a blast!


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Hello Maryann and Welcome!!...so glad you have decided to join our Disney-loving group! Do you have any particular places in mind for meals?



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welcome Mary Ann. So glad you decided to join our little band of Disneyphiles. We love talking about all things Disney and if you love to eat well..........you've found the right place.

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welcome Maryann!


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yay Welcome yay

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Hi and welcome. Quarterly trips already planned, must be in the airline or travel industry cool . Guess we'll be asking you about travel deals awesome . Great!


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Hi and welcome! Smile xxx


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Hello all! It is so nice to know I will not be the only single(divorced so long I do not remember) person going to WDW! Everyone that knows me says, why do you want to go by your self??? Well that was not even the thought I had. I just wanted to go back to Disney for my birthday which is on the 27th of April. I really do not believe I am as old as Disneyland! Not proud of it but a fact! I was born in California next to where it was built. Ok, I live in Texas on the third coast, live on the Island. I am flying down on SW 4/21 and staying to 4/28. Will be staying at the Best Western LBV on Disney property. ( I am sort of on a budget for the motel this trip)
Oh, back to topic...I have been to WDW twice before and really wanted to do what I wanted for my birthday. I knew it would be fun to go. I have a couple of tables for 1 reserved but have not made any real plans. Sunday when I get checked in at 3:00, I will be racing to the MK for that Disney Magic! If you have been trying to figure my age...I am a young 59 until Saturday!

I am so excited...I hope to see you there! mickey

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Hi and welcome Maryann and Charles! If you haven't done so already, the Meet Up board is a great place to go to find out who from the forums will be in the World when you will be and to coordinate meet ups. Congrats on your upcoming trips!

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Welcome, it is great to hear about your forthcoming trips. welcome


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welcome Charles to the best Disney forum in the blogosphere. This is the trip where you can do what you want, when you want, and how you want. Have a great time! mickey

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Hi Maryann! Solo traveller here too, and love it. mickey


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welcome to both of you! I think you're really going to love it here!


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Welcome, Mary Ann! So...lover of all things Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and St. Elmo's Fire? I am a GIANT fan of Brat Pack movies myself! Looking forward to hearing about the trip (that you're already on, looks like!) and to hear how it went going solo!!