Hoorah for On Site Transportation!

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Hoorah for On Site Transportation!

Overall, what is your view of the Disney Transportation System? I hear a lot of complaints about it, but what have some good experiences been?

I grew up at Disney in the days that Disney Bus Drivers were chatty and fun, where you got all the latest and greatest information from them. The buses had a four color flag system and the ride from point A to point B ALWAYS went through the TTC. Things have changed a lot since then, and I'm not sure I like it, but there are so many more people that come through the parks and use Disney Transportation that I understand why the changes had to be made. Still I often long for the Disney buses of my youth.

Overall I'm thrill that Disney does provide public transportation for it's guests, but it bus, boat or monorail, and being able to have the burden of driving taken off of me while on vacation is some kind of wonderful. Let's hear some of your transportation stories! (Let's try to avoid guest bashing)

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So far we've only used the monorail and the boat between DHS and Epcot. Never a bad experience, aside from not being able to get on the boat at the Swan heading for EEMH at DHS because the boat was full and the line was long. We walked instead.

I'm very happy that WDW offers so many different kinds of transportation to pretty much everywhere on property. We'll be using Disney transportation exclusively on our next trip. We understand that it will probably take longer to get everywhere, but not having to pay for a rental car or deal with traffic is worth it.

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I love having the transportation system available. Hubby has health issues, and doesn't drive, so a vacation where I don't have to drive is heaven! Yes, sometimes it's a bit of a wait, and yes, sometimes the buses are crowded, but we've had lovely chats with complete strangers on the buses, and had some terrific drivers too. The boat to DTD is always a great ride, and the monorail is a must for us.



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I love it. Its rarely an issue when the bus system gets to me, and thats usually at the end of the day and its super crowded, and were waiting for the bus for an hour. But that rarely happens.

I love that we can go on vacation and not have to worry about transportation. Makes the vacation a lot more fun.


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I love all aspects of Disney transportation - even the parking lot trams. Weird, right? biggrin Yes, sometimes the bus rides home at night are crowded but I'll take a crowded Disney bus over a crowded CTA bus any time, any where! I guess I've been lucky to still get the friendly, chatty bus drivers - I met one gentleman last February who was a new Disney employee who had relocated from Joplin, Missouri after he and his family had lost everything in the tornado. Talk about being a survivor! My first time on Magical Express was awesome - our bus driver had us all cracking up pretty much the whole ride. He told us that any expensive personal electronics could be reclaimed at "Frank's House of Lost Stuff" on Ebay. laugh

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First, even though not applicable to me I applaud Disneys treatment of guest with handicaps on all transportation. It also gives a good lesson on patience and understanding to those with out handicaps. awesome
I do feel Disney has " cut corners" if you will on bus service- I'm sure gas cost comes in somewhere. The wait times for buses is decidedly longer than it used to be. Does anyone else feel this way?
I love the boat drivers to DTD - some of the friendliest drivers- always telling stories and facts.




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I have never had an issue with the transportation. I don't mind waiting because I know what is at the end of that wait whether it is going to or from a park.

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Have had some great drivers and some Grumpy ones!! Every one of them will respond to a smile, however!!

Most memorable was a driver who gave me more information than I could ever want about the corporate mistreatment of the transportation staff along with a wonderful running commentary about the landscape and the construction and all sorts of little details we were seeing as we took the back roads around the traffic snarls.

I fondly remember him as Mr Yin-Yang Driver Man.


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I love the Disney transportation system. For the most part I never had to wait more than 20 minutes. The longest wait was 45 minutes and that was after MK closed. It didn't seem that long.


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We love not having to drive after our long drive down. Many a time we have had a wonderful driver just full of information to make our stay more fun. I love when the bus drivers put on the announcement a Disney princess is riding with us and all the little girls look around asking where? One time I exclaimed to my husband oh there she is and pointed to a little girl in a snow white costume (a lot of people weren't getting that it is for the kids who are dressed up) That little girl just beamed!! We ride the boats and monorail as well and have had great experiences on all of them. We always say hello and thank-you to workers and drivers and find that even if they might be a bit grumpy being polite to them and appreciating them goes a long way.