I hate Winter

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I've got the same weather as Vettelover....I'm sick of winter regardless of how *mild* it's been thus far...Eventually, we are re-locating, it's just going to take a few more years.




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I've been so desperate that I've started to look up possible retirement real estate near WDW. No way I can afford to do it, but the cold has me thinking of retiring near the Mouse.

Did I mention that I am still about 15 years from retirement? THAT is how much I am hating the cold weather right now.


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It's been so cold here the past week, and with the wind it's just a chill that goes right to the bone. I have a disorder called Fibromyalgia and because of that my body's thermostat just doesn't work right sometimes. Then when I get too cold my whole body starts hurting, then those symptoms kick off others and there's a miserable chain reaction. Yep, that's kinda where I am right now.

However I've got 24 days until I'm back in WDW and 34 Days until I'm cruising the Western Caribbean!! I'm told that it doesn't matter what time of year it is, I'll be plenty warm in Belize. I sure hope that they're right!

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Jessi5989 wrote:
mrhub wrote:
Nice and warm here all week in Disney World!

I hope you can feel my jealous glares from 3 states away! laugh

Yes the hair on the back of my neck was starting to rise! Ha Ha. Well if it makes you feel better, we're back in PA. suffering like most of you again and counting down the days till we are back again.

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here on vancouver island, snow is rare. and i missed is this year!!! we got over a foot here while i was in WDW. mind i used to live in northern BC, about halfway from Seattle to Alaska, where it often got to -35 or -40 with lots of snow. we often had 4 or 5 feet of snow in the yard. l am now very happy with the west coast rainy winter.


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