I think we talked about the "gourmet" hot dogs before..

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I think we talked about the "gourmet" hot dogs before..

I think we had a thread..or talked about it in a thread (or..maybe I had the conversation with the voices in my head) about the fancy hot dogs at Magic Kingdom's Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland.
I just saw on Disney Food Blog that there was a change and the "Rueben" hot dog was thrown out (um..thank goodness because that sounds weird) and now we are left with the Taco Dog & the Philly Cheese Dog..
Neither one of these appeal to me but look at the price on these suckers..
They are overpriced for sure..but how random is $8.09. Where does the Disney pricing department come up with this stuff? I hope there are scientific calculations involved.


mickey Bella

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I'm willing to pay for a good hot dog, but I haven't actually heard any reviews as to whether they're any good yet.

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Eight bucks is a LOT for a hot dog. Not so sure I'd get that!


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I've seen a pic of one of the philly cheese dogs and it looks pretty gross! =D I don't think I'll be spending my $8.09 here!