Just arrived in WDW!

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Just arrived in WDW!

My wife and I just arrived at the Orlando airportanleaving on the Magical Express!!! I'll be tweeting pictures throughout the trip, and many will be of food. Follow me at @esz_coreyp for those pictures.


Follow along on our adventure as we make the move for a great life, and move to Orlando!


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Hooray!!!! Have a ton of fun!!!!
yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay


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mickey Let the Magic begin!! clapping clapping


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Have a blast Smile

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Awesome!!! have a wonderful time!! can't wait to hear about.......

yay clapping awesome


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clapping I'm so excited for you!!! I just went follow you and I can't wait to see some pictures!!



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Wohoo! You have your V&A reservations tonight if I remember correctly, right? Take tons of pictures so I can live vicareously through you!

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Corey have a wonderful time. Can't wait for your trip report.

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clapping yay mickey clapping yay

can't wait to read about your trip


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Have an incredibly awesome and magical time!...can't wait for the trip report...but I'll start following on twitter - I'm @twilightsparrow (of course...lol).



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Have a great time!

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yay yay yay yay yay


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Followed and loving the pics already!


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Have fun Corey! Wishing I was there too, but waiting to walk through with you!


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Following Smile Have a great trip!


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Following on Twitter now, Corey. I'm sure we'll be friends considering we're both sports nuts Smile


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