Keeping Your Gear Secure While Traveling

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Keeping Your Gear Secure While Traveling

Great Tips from TechHive for keeping your gear secure on the road.

I know that several of you travel with a lot of tech. I do too. Do you every worry about it once it's in your hotel room? Has anything ever gone missing? I mean though there's a safe, it's not very big and if you were to stick a laptop in there not much else would fit. Also, if your computer works for you even when you're not in the room (such as running a room view webcam or up/downloading large bits of information) putting it away isn't practical.

Do you ever worry about leaving your tech out when you leave the hotel room?

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My main concern is my photography equipment and my wallet and both of those are with me when I am out of the room usually so basically it's fairly easy to keep track of it.


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Electronic wise everything has been fine. Even in the hotel. Never been an issue. Even when we're not at Disney as well. This year I'll actually be carrying less equipment which is gonna be great.


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We take as little as possible. Phones and cameras stay with us, iPads, GPS get locked in room or front desk safe. No lap tops anymore.


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