How to Pack for Business & Park?

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How to Pack for Business & Park?

Last night I helped my traveling companion pack before he heads to Florida. He's got 7 days at his business thing, followed by 5 park days. Oh my gosh, I felt like we were packing everything he owns. It seems to me like there's a better way to pack both business and park clothes, but I obviously don't know what it is.

How do you cut down on what you need to pack when you're travel for more than a week and need both professional and park clothes?

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That would be hard to do with such a short period of time. Meaning you have to have enough for each day but not enough days or time to do laundry. If that make any sense. I guess a couple of suits, swapping the shirt and ties daily. I read how you take a few things and make it work. You are the queen for mixing and matching.

When J packs his seabag he packs all of his "work" clothes which is a lot 7 outfits, 2 jackets, 5 pairs of shoes, and a few hats.Then he needs civies for 6 months but he has to do laundry and he knows it. It's usually 5 jeans 5 chinos and 10 shirts that can go with either pants. They have to get all that in a seabag because they are very limited on space. I am sure Joe can attest to that. Subs have even less room biggrin

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For us... if we had to. Id take maybe 2 nice outfits because we can do laundry in our room.


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