Late October trip report

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Late October trip report

Four days, no kids, lots of fun!

day 1: HS- Got to MSO by 9:20 and on property before 10:30. Dropped our bags off at POP & hit the park. Fast pass for Toy Story, TT, and StarTours. Lunch at 50's Prime time (Pork osso bucco special was amazing) and managed to hit the tower two more times, front row for the Indy stage show, Hugged a wookiee, and stand by on Rockin roller coaster was around :45. A successful first day. Got back to POP, stuck our feet in the pool and discovered that our romantic weekend was a little less romantic with 2 full beds sarcastic

POP guest service was kind enough to change our room to a king for the remaining two nights.

day 2: MK- Saturday in central FL, mid 70's and humidity less than 50% is a recipe for a busy park day. Things were packed, but we did everything we wanted to do, including a great dinner at the Jungle Navigation Co. (Lamb chops FTW), and a perfect location for Wishes.

day 3: Epcot- Food & Wine- We've decided that Epcot in it's current state is really a 1/2 day park & fully expected F&W to be the star of the day, but had our breath taken away with the new Soarin. I'm a video producer for a living, and shoot 4K footage on a regular basis, but have always maintained that outside of feature films, 4K lacked a proper delivery vehicle and should always be down sampled to HD for mass consumption. Soarin might be the best use of the medium to date and left me in awe. We enjoyed F&W and grazed our way around WS for lunch. every small plate was amazing, but my fav was dole whip & coconut rum. I've always maintained that dole whip would be great with rum & it didn't disappoint. Dinner at the Seas, great service, table next to the aquarium, and perfect shrimp & grits.

day 4: return to MK- a short Monday, having to depart at 3pm to catch our flight- park traffic was light until lunch when things picked up a bit. however we squeezed ever bit of fun we had planned into the day.

Over all it was a great trip and we are already dreaming of our next.

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Sounds like you had a great time. I don't have a trip scheduled right now, but I really want to get down there to ride the new Soarin! I' m so glad to hear it is awesome and that you enjoyed it! yay


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Sounds like a great trip! They have the dole whip with coconut rum as a regular menu item at Tamu Tamu Refreshments in Animal Kingdom and it's a must do for me every trip! Delicious! awesome