Lockers at the Parks?

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Lockers at the Parks?

Do you ever rent a locker at the park? I have in the past but don't always. My big issue with renting a locker is actually that they are always at the front of the park. I think if there were a second set of lockers towards the middle of the park, I would be more likely to use them.

Do you get a locker? If so, what do you put in it? Do you stash stuff and leave it, or are you in and out during the day?

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Nope, I never rent a locker. I only bring enough stuff that I (actually DH, let's be honest) is willing to carring around.

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We have rented lockers in the past and it usually has been an in/out the same day rental. I agree that being in front of the park does pose an inconvenience. However, what we have done is if we plan to stay at a park late - like at MVMCP - we put our extra layers of clothing in the locker to use later that night. Or if we plan on riding Kali River Rapids at AK - we will stash some extra "dry" cloth in the locker.



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We rent a locker at the water parks, but when we do the four major parks we only carry what will fit in our pockets, so no need for a locker.

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Only at the water parks. I travel light.


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We do use them if the weather requires us to dress in layers. We so not use them very often though because we rarely stay in one park all day long.

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This is a very good idea!

The last time were were at MK, we ended up buying sweatshirts that we really didn't need. (I do love it, tho, with the traditional formal font for Magic Kingdom)


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