Luxury Bonnet Creek resorts--on schedule to open in 2009

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Luxury Bonnet Creek resorts--on schedule to open in 2009

I just saw in the Orando Sentinel Tourism and Travel blog that The Waldorf-Astoria Orlando and the Hilton Bonnet Creek are on schedule to open in 2009, and that a model center showing rooms is now open. Not sure if "regular folk" are allowed to check it out, however... Anyone have any news?

Bonnet Creek preview

Hotel developers at Bonnet Creek have turned a golf-maintenance facility into a model center showing how rooms will look in the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek and the Waldorf- Astoria Orlando. The installation includes mock hallways and room amenities such as a Sub-Zero refrigerator and beveled-glass tabletops. Tom Parke, the resorts' marketing director, said that, with the hotels' opening 10 months away, their design is about 95 percent complete. "We are accelerating this to be not just a soft opening but a real opening for Orlando," Parke said.

Orlando Sentinel

Hilton Bonnet Creek concept drawings and info

Waldorf Astoria Orlando site

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3/4 of our membership is in Orlando right now, or will be there soon! Someone needs to go find out!

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Are the model centers open to your average joe, or just to hoteliers?




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That "lake" at the Hilton looks incredible. The whole thing looks very hawaiian.

I wonder if these resorts have access to any Disney perks (EMH or anything?)