Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade!!!!

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Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade!!!!

So it was the only rainy day on our trip and we decided to watch a few movies in the room and then put on the ponchos and head to Animal Kingdom. We found that we were fighting our way through the crowds that were leaving which was a definite plus and according to my smart phone app, wait times were minimal!!! We were just wandering around and had just come up the steps from the otter underwater viewing area when a photo pass guy asked what we had planned for the next little bit. We said nothing really and he asked us to come with him. We were escorted into a nice screened in porch at the back of pizzasafari and were told we would be in a parade if the rain stops. Well the rain picked up and the parade was cancelled BUT we could come back the next day and still be in it. Sooooooo here are some pictures of our parade debut.....

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That is awesome!!! What a great experience I am very jealous. mickey


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Oh how cool. I know that is Disney memory that will last forever.

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We had the best time this trip!!! The Mariachi band at Epcot sang Happy Birthday to me and sang us a love song for our anniversary. We even danced to it. We got Mickey confetti on our table at the Crystal Palace and we were in a Parade!!! clapping We just had so much fun!!There was other great stuff but the parade was the absolute best thing EVER!!

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OMG we have a star among us Laughing out loud that's brilliant, I was be OVER THE MOON if I was asked to do something like that Laughing out loud you looked like you had a fab time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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That's awesome! Looks like a lot of fun.


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That's so awesome! When we saw the parade earlier this month, hubby asked how they picked the people to be in the parade, and I told him they just picked people wandering around the park. I'll show this to him so he'll know that's exactly how it's done.

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Thats great! Congrats! Thats a memory that should last for ever.

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How fun!! That's awesome that they let you come back for it the next day, too!


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That's so cool!!! What a great memory especially since that parade is ending this year.

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Very cool


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That is so awesome!! What a great experience!


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awesome awesome awesome


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So cool! Such great pics to Smile You look like you are having a blast!

King Fergus

Correct me if I'am wrong,but is this parade finishing up this year.?

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OMG!!! That is so awesome!!


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Very cool! Did they have someone take pictures for you or did you have other people with you on the trip that took pics?

King Fergus wrote:
Correct me if I'am wrong,but is this parade finishing up this year.?

I think June 30th is it's last day.

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This parade won't be around for much longer. They told us that it will be phased out in the next couple of months. Photo pass took the pictures and gave us a card to download them for free!!! We were told we could take pictures from our float but we were NOT to take pictures backstage. BTW it was pretty cool and interesting being back stage. We didn't see much but watching how everything is organized and seeing the characters "in" character behind the scenes was pretty neat. The whole time the two of us couldn't stop looking at each other and giggling...although once the parade started it felt a little weird seeing all those people with cameras but still a whole lot of fun!!!!

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That. Is. AWESOME!!!!!!! yay yay yay yay


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How wonderful, I am so envious and happy for you, what a magical time you had and belated birthday and anniversary greetings. Did you get to keep the ear hats?


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The hats were part of the wardrobe for the parade and we didn't get to keep them. Thank you for the well wishes.

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That's amazing!

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How fun! Wow! silly


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