MNSSHP Street Jam!

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MNSSHP Street Jam!

OMG I so wish we were going this year just for this!

Looks like SOOOO much fun! I hope someone who will be there for he party will do this, or at least see it and tell me how much fun it was!

Dang it, I want to go! mad

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Jeff I agree with you. I hope they keep this for next year when I go. It looks like alot of fun. clapping laugh

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FUNNNN!! I wish I was going this year, too! Let's keep our fingers crossed that it's a hit, so it will be there when we all get to go back for it! Smile

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I will check it out and report back, Jeff!


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I so wish I was able to go to the party this year. I would totally learn the dance and all wink

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Hi JeffC,

I have already been practicing my dance moves! I'm going on the last night (Nov. 2nd) so I hope enough other people are there to join in the fun.

Patti mickey


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I'm going on the 23rd and I have been practicing the moves. Woohoo I'm going to freak out my friends by joining the flashmob biggrin


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