My attempt at a PTR

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My attempt at a PTR

Hello Everyone,

I can write a great police report however the thought of writing a trip report kind of baffles me. Don't get me wrong I enjoy reading them and as for Mase, Jess, MrHub, and Scrappy's videos I thought those were fantastic awesome awesome

Ok here we go...

I've got a solo trip planned Dec. 13-15th initially DW and DNiece (age 12) were supposed to come down early before our cruise. Well DW teaches 3rd grade and her school calendar did not match up. So they will be coming down on Saturday the day of the cruise departure. I'll attempt to use their FP+ activities on the 13th and 14th mickey

Leaving CLE at 0900 arriving at MCO around 1130, taking DME to AoA. I'm staying in the LM section and will try and stay in the 9000 building. Thanks to Kristen K. For the heads up on which building to choose from awesome
I'm one of the many who will be testing the FastPass+ system. I'll head to MK once I get settled in and see how that works. I'll try and post some info once I use it. Later in the evening I'm meeting up with TTFN_71 and LUVALLDISNEY for a meet n greet at MVMCP and perhaps ice cream before. This will be my first time at WDW for Christmas, I'm going to wait to check out the resorts until after our cruise when DW and DN will be able to experience it too. I plan on eating in the food court at AoA for lunch then grabbing something in the parks for dinner.

I'll test the FP+ system at DHS my scheduled times will have me finished with the major rides by 2:45. I'll grab a drink at the 50's PTC then head either back to the room or directly over to MK for a second round of MVMCP Santa
It'll probably be an early night simply because I need to repack for the cruise.

Hopefully I'll catch an early bus on DME back to MCO to meet DW and DN. I'll meet them at DME around 1030 and we'll head to Port Canaveral for our 8 day cruise on the Fantasy. I have no idea what our daily agenda will look like once we're onboard. It'll be my niece's first cruise. She worked really hard and I gave her an amount that she had to pay so that she understood what it was like to earn her cruise. She kept up with her grades and worked really hard to come up with her money. By doing her chores, saving her allowance and birthday/Xmas money. I'm really proud of her because she put in the effort and made some hard choices on how she wanted to spend her money over this last year. That's not really TR worthy but she deserves some praise. Her parents don't have a lot and DW and I have taken her with us on WDW trips because she really is an awesome kid and we want to open up her world to new adventures muchlove

Onboard the Fantasy for a fabulous cruise clapping yay We will be snorkeling in St. Thomas, doing an Old Town /Bacardi tour in San Juan, and snorkeling, biking, and floating on CC. We will also participate in an FE gift exchange (60 cabins) eek and we have a Secret Mickey family that we'll exchange gifts with while onboard.

All three of us will return to WDW staying at the AoA LM section DN is staying through the 23rd. We bought her park hopper tickets so she could enjoy the parks. We'll be at MK for dinner at CP and then probably DHS to see the Osborne lights. DN hasn't been back to WDW since 2008, this will be her first time for Xmas. Actually all of our first time for Xmas Santa Laughing out loud

DN leaves today, she has a late flight so she can get some park time (her choice) and or Big Blue Pool time. After we get DN to the airport. DW and I have dinner ressies at the CA Grill....spicy Kazan roll Sushi

EPCOT day, it's DW's favorite park. Then dinner at Sanaa

12/25/12 Merry Christmas!
Dinner at Liberty Tree for a traditional Xmas dinner.

Relaxing day. We have an ADR at The Wave restaurant. Our first time there.

Departure day we leave late so will probably visit a park or shop in DTD

Thanks for reading. This will probably be my first and last TR lol


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Whooo hoo!! How exciting!

I think that you had your niece save for her cruise was fantastic. I often make my kids work for their Disney Trips and it really makes a difference. One of the hard realities that I faced when I turned 18 and left home was the discovery that Disney trips didn't just magically happen. LOL!

I can't wait to hear about the FastPass+ System and all about your cruise!

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Sounds like a fantastic trip...and how cool you get to take your neice with you! Excited to hear what you think about the FP+ system!

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Dee that sounds like a fabulous trip you have planned and having your niece save to help pay her way helps make her a responsible adult. Your trip report is fantastic BTW.

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Great pre-trip report, Dee. And how JEALOUS am I that after meeting up with you at WDW in October, you're on your way back this month and I'm looking at sometime next year at the earliest? mad

But seriously, you should write more trip reports. And I agree that your niece deserves some praise. Hope you all enjoy the cruise and Christmas at WDW.

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So jealous that you will be there for Christmas! The trip sounds brilliant Smile have you eaten at Sanaa before? It's lovely Smile ask for the server josh if he's there. Our friend james lives with him and he's such a sweet guy, he'll take good care of you.

Wish I was going again so soon Sad


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Great report Dee!!! Your plans sound wonderful. Liberty Tree on Christmas Day - it doesn't get much better than that!! mickey

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You're leaving NE Ohio in December? But what about the lovely grey skies and the chilly temps? That's OK, we'll get by while your gone!

Have a great trip. Take lots of pictures and let us know how things go.

Your plans sound fantastic.

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Sounds like a fantastic trip


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clapping Great PTR Dee!! mickey I will be sending you a PM with me and LUVALLDISNEY info to arange our meet up. I have also been interested in the new AOA foodcourt for the mongolian bbq. It sounds so good. biggrin


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Can't wait to see and hear more about your trip! Especially the cruise!!!

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Great plan.

When we were down at Christmas '06, Animal Kingdom had very late hours. That's when we rode EE 13 times in a row. If AK is open late, it might be a great time to grab some rides.

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That was a great report/plan, Dee!! Kim and I are arriving about the time you're leaving. Make sure there is a bit of fairy dust left in the corners for us!!!


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stars stars stars stars stars

I Love your Pre-trip report ~ sounds so fantastic!

*Sending you tons of Pixie Dust for magical Christmas moments with DW and DN*


I agree with the rest, letting your niece earn some of her own way
will make her appreciate it all the more.
The memories will be sweeter when she can share the pride of knowing
she chipped in to help.


We all can't wait to hear how your vacation goes!


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Thanks everyone muchlove
I'm looking forward to that I'm in crunch time. I won't be on as much after Friday. I've got a bunch of doubles to work and as Magic Mirror knows...we are in overdrive with holiday thefts and DVs. Sad
We're part of an FE on the cruise and I need to get the gifts packed and shipped.
Luvalldisney and TTFN_71. I replied to your PM and sent my cell as well. See you soon Smile
Thanks again everyone mickey


Member of the 6 castle club and working to pay for my next Disney vacations: 1/5-10/18, September 2018 for my 50th and 2018 the year of Disney cruising.

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Great trip report and that's great what you are doing for your niece....And can't wait to hear all about the Fastpass + system and the cruise


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DV's, Thefts awesome