Photo Tour: Deluxe Inside Cabin (6501) on the Disney Dream

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Photo Tour: Deluxe Inside Cabin (6501) on the Disney Dream

I know - it's been a long time since I went on this cruise, but I was really ill last year, and then I broke my leg. BUT! I'm finally getting around to sharing my pictures and some memories. I wanted to share my shots of our interior cabin so that people could get an idea of if they could do it.

Ship: Disney Dream
Cabin: Deluxe Inside Stateroom
Sleeps: They claim 3 or 4, I say it sleeps 2 and a SMALL child.
Size: 214 sq. ft.
Room: Queen-size bed or 2 twin beds, single convertible sofa, upper berth pull-down bed (if sleeping 4), split bath with tub and shower
View: No exterior view, Magic Porthole

We were in Cabin 6501, this room is as far forward as you could get for an inside cabin. I actually liked being on the short front hallway because no matter which hall I walked down, as long as I was on the right floor and going forward I didn't get lost. We decorated our door and participated in a Fish Extender Exchange from another board.

Information for the assembly drill is on the back of your door

Photo looking into the main room. Tori is 5'8" and she slept on the folding couch bed she is laying on in this photo. It was just a touch short for her and her feet hung off maybe an inch.

Here you can see the desk/television/bar/outlets/closets.

View of room looking the other direction

The Deluxe Inside Staterooms do have a split bath, which means that there are two rooms. One has a toilet/sink/mirror, and the other a shower/sink/mirror. While this is great for families trying to get ready at the same time, Tori and I still felt pretty cramped. We opted to buy a daypass at the spa and made use of their ample sized showers and facilities to get ready for dinner.

We felt perfectly fine in this room for our 4 night cruise. While it can be VERY dark inside without any lights on or exterior views, the LCD screen from the Magic Porthole gives off a soft glow at night and kept me from tripping over things in the dark. It also let us know when the sun was up in the morning.

I thought that I would miss not having a balcony so much that I would be miserable. However I discovered that it just encouraged me to get out of the room and make use of the public areas more than I do with a balcony. I didn't feel like it diminished the experience.

It is VERY tiny, and while Disney claims that this room category can sleep 3 or 4. I would never put more than two people in it. It was nearly impossible for Tori and I both to be standing up trying to get dressed at the same time. We took turns.

I hope that helps you makes your Disney Cabin Choices in the future!

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In October DH and I will be in cabin 7580 a deluxe oceanview stateroom with verandah. I booked the exact same cabin for my son when he and my daughter-in-law to be, go on their honey moon in May 2017. wink

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oHIo wrote:
In October DH and I will be in cabin 7580 a deluxe oceanview stateroom with verandah.

I stayed in a deluxe oceanview stateroom with verandah on my first cruise and they are absolutely lovely. muchlove Having room service deliver coffee and croissants for a great treat on the balcony in the morning was my favorite thing. Much more room to move around and enjoy time in the room. That will always be my preference for a room, but I'm glad that I now know I have a great time in the smaller cabins as well.

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Thanks for sharing, Kristen! Great info!

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If my choice were this stateroom or no DCL cruise at all, heck yes I would happily stay in that stateroom. But first I would compare oceanview with porthole and inside staterooms. I can live without a verandah, but natural light in the stateroom is nice.

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Where is the pulldown bed?

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Mandy wrote:
Where is the pulldown bed?

Not all rooms in this category have them, mine did not. However for the rooms that do have them the pull down is above the sofa bed and comes out of the ceiling.