Renting a Bike on Castaway Cay

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Renting a Bike on Castaway Cay

Tori rented a bike on the island during our last cruise and had a great time. It's a lovely low cost way to enjoy the island without shelling out the cash for an expensive shore excursion. I thought I would share a few pictures from her day at Castaway Cay (I was sick back in the cabin sad ). The rental cost $10.75 for an hour, I'm not sure how long she rode for but she was gone all morning and got back to the Ship to check in on me about 1pm.

Tori & Goofy at Mount Rustmore

Bikes for Rent

Path off the airstrip to the Lookout Tower



She said that there were lots of bright beautiful flowers along the way

View From the Lookout Tower

Serenity Bay - she said this was truly the payoff of her bike rental

Proof she went in the ocean

Disney has a few water stations set up along the way

Booze - because she was 21 and could

Lunch at Cookies BBQ

She stopped by a dance party and crab races on her way back

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Now that looks like a great thing to do and see the sights! If we ever do a Disney cruise, I would love to do this.

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I think maybe in March we will do this! My parents are hopefully going and we can bike over to Serenity Bay!


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