Plan of attack for water rides?

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Plan of attack for water rides?

Does anyone have a plan of attack for water rides? I don't like walking around a theme park with my clothes wet....

Do you wear ponchos? Hope the sun dries you quickly?

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My clothes usually dry out fairly quickly, but I can't stand wet socks. I usually try to wear something w/o socks when I do the water rides.

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Sometimes I'll stick a poncho around my lap- I don't mind a wet T but wet underwear is just plain uncomfortable laugh Once we just brought clothes and got a locker but we dry so fast it's not worth it. If it bugs you a lot, try a poncho!


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Well the easiest is probably a poncho or like Brad said about the socks. If your taking a backpack anyways... maybe stick extra clothes in it? Maybe wear a swimsuit underneath and take wet clothes off?


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I'm with Brad...anything but wet socks. I've always dried fairly quickly. One good tip, come to think of it, would be to wear clothes that are meant to dry quickly. I have a couple of skorts from Lands End that have good SPF and dry really fast, and some of the running gear that's meant to wick away moisture and breathe would probably be good, too.


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I wore lululemon yoga wear pretty much everyday and their stuff dries so fast and is very comfortable...I rode kali river rapids a bunch of times and was dry in no time


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Totally with you on what kind of clothes I wear, sports sandals and a wicking material are your best friends


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Don't wear jeans is my advice Smile A poncho can be great because you can put it over your bag so it keeps your camera and such dry! mickey