Resort expectations?

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Resort expectations?

My boyfriend and I have been lucky enough to stay at both the Contemporary & Animal Kingdom Lodge. But for our next trip we are unsure where to stay. I have LOVED the deluxe resorts! Will staying at a moderate such as Coronado feel like a disappointment now? I'm worried there will be a significant let down compared to the deluxe. Anyone have any experiences?

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I'm a deluxe girl, but after visiting a friends staying at Coronado Springs, I think I would feel comfortable there. Her room had a fair amount of floorspace and was decorated lovely. The only real big difference there that I could see was a further walk to the room. People rave about Port Orleans French Quarter as well for it's atmosphere and DTD access.

What facilities at your Deluxe resorts do you use that make it perfect for you? Do you usually spend a lot of time at the hotel?

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I guess it depends on how much time you spend at the resort in my opinion. If your there to just sleep... I honestly dont see the point in spending the extra money. Now... if your spending time there... like we stay at AKL, and we are usually at the parks from 10am till around... 8 at the latest usually. And we sometimes stay the afternoon at our resort. We love watching the animals and love the pool. But if your a park goer... I would say you would be fine. But if you do spend most your time... maybe you will notice a difference. But the one thing Disney does well is with their theming. So if you are looking forward to the theme... whether its Deluxe to Value... wont matter.


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We've done moderates three times. Each hotel (POR, CBR, & POFQ) was enjoyable. All you're really giving up is interior room access, glassware, and a closet door. Sometimes it's nice to park right by your door. Sometimes it's nice to have a valet. It just comes down to what you want.


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I agree with all the comments. We like CBR and have stayed there twice BUT, like Mase, we ADORE the AKL. It is, of course, all about the savannah view balcony and the animals, but we also like the compact arrangement. It is easier to make quick stops or trips to food, pool, etc. and we also like the interior door/hallways. We enjoy lounging at this resort, but at the CBR, it isn't as relaxing.

It is also easier on my knees to have elevators!



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I've stayed at all three levels Value, Moderate & Deluxe. My favorite of all of them is Port Orleans French Quarter. The rooms are lovely, the resort grounds are beautiful and the quaint feeling can't be beat.


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We've stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and Yacht Club. Both were fantastic resorts but my fave has to be Port Orleans Riverside. My hubby prefers French Quarter but there's just something about Riverside that makes me want to go back everytime. The atmosphere, the lush gardens, the rooms are beautiful as well. You feel like you've stepped back in time to a much gracious period. muchlove My hubby loves the architecture of French Quarter, the fact it's smaller-more quaint. Biggest plus is the wait time for the bus was less than when we stayed at Riverside. Maybe it was the time of year (May-2nd wk) but the longest we had to wait was 5 min. Still the food court is smaller at French Quarter. I liked there were more options at Riverside.