Valet Parking at Boardwalk

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Valet Parking at Boardwalk

Before our cruise, we are spending a few days at the Boardwalk. As of right now, the plan is to drive down. This may change, depending if ticket prices go down. However, if you have your car valet parked, are you charged per day or is it a one time fee? Also, if you don't want them to park your car for you, can you still drive up to the check in area and run inside to check in or do they make you park way out in the parking lot and walk up?

This happened at one of the value resorts we stayed at once and they were so rude about it. Because we weren't paying them to valet our car and take our luggage to the room, we could not park under the awning. (While it is POURING outside) We had to go park in the "check in" parking and get soaked!

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The few times we had a car, we were able to park in front of the lobby and then park. We used valet at AKL once. I tell the parking attendants that we are going to check in and then self-park - then give them a few bucks. I know it may defeat the principal of tipping for services, but it is worth it to me to be able to park in front of the lobby for a few minutes to check in and drop off luggage.



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You are able to park near the front door and check in, though no promises there will be a spot right under the awning, sometimes you may be a few cars back.

Valet Service is a per day charge, I think it's $15 a day and it gives you in and out privileges at all of the resorts. So, if you want to drive your car over to the Contemporary for dinner, all you have to do is drop it off with the valet over there and there's not a second charge. All of the resort valet computer systems are linked together.

I tip the valets as well. Usually $2 for getting or parking my car. I love valet service and use it frequently.