Romantic Memories

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Romantic Memories

What is your most romantic memory from Walt Disney World?

Mine is probably walking down the boardwalk with my husband and getting a pick-a-pearl necklace at the Beach Club before celebrating our 10th Anniversary Dinner at Yachtsman Steak House. Afterwards we took a lovely boat ride after dark. It was quiet and simple, but probably my favorite romantic Disney memory.

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Getting all dressed up and fancy and going to our "Honeymoon dinner" at Victoria and Albert's. After dinner we walked around the resort and walked around outside just enjoying the Florida air, excited to start our week in WDW, and our life together.


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1987(sort of)-Fariway Villas (I was not born yet, but could hear all the sounds of WDW)
1991-Fairway Villas (My first official trip to WDW)
2000-Fort Wilderness Campsites (last family trip before siblings got married and had kids)
2004-Caribbean Beach
2008-Pop Century
2012-Contemporary Resort (Honeymoon)
2015- Caribbean Beach (daughter's first trip)
2017- Cabins at Fort Wilderness

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Fireworks on the beach at either CBR or the Poly. Window table at California Grill at sunset and/or during fireworks.


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Watching the fireworks over the MK from our Balcony at the Contemporary. After a fun filled day at the parks, we hit the California Grill for dinner then retired to our room for the fireworks. It was like the fireworks were just for us. So romantic!